Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tummy Tuesdays

More big cat tummy from Turpentine Creek!

For more feline tummy goodness (a lot more than you'll see here!), go visit Lisa Violet's place.

Feline Health News

New Study Reveals Pathology of Feline

Heartworm Disease; Proves Existence of HARD

Auburn, Ala., August 6, 2007 – A landmark study that shows conclusively that heartworms do not need to reach maturity to cause pathology in cats has answered many of the questions surrounding feline heartworm and greatly extended scientific knowledge about the long-misunderstood disease.

Recent efforts by researchers at Auburn University bear out a hypothesis developed through earlier research and confirm fundamental differences in the way heartworms affect cats and dogs. In so doing, these reinforce an emerging consensus that feline heartworm is more insidious than previously thought and underscore the importance of prevention...To read more, visit http://www.knowheartworms.org/newstudyproveshard.asp

(A tip of the cap to Good News For Pets!)