Thursday, March 1, 2007

We Get Publicity!

This article just appeared in The Reporter, with the following text:
The Lincoln State Cat Club attracted many a feline lover to its cat show held last weekend at the Community Pavilion, 9401 Oak Park Avenue in Oak Lawn. Vendors sold pet items, pet shelters provided information, cat enthusiasts showcased specific breeds and cat owners entered their felines in judged competitions during the event.

Elle Harper, 3, of Chicago's Mount Greenwood community, gets close and comfy with Doofus, a friendly 3-year-old hairless Majikmoon Sphynx, top.

Barbara Klesman, of Orland Park, shows off 3-year-old Sophie, one of three Seal Point Siamese cats she brought to the show, above left.

Norm Auspitz examines 5-month-old Yanni, a golden Aussie, before awarding prizes to a field of competing cats, above right.
Sometimes the reporters don't know a lot about the subject they're writing about (not at all uncommon when they have to cover a cat show). That "golden Aussie"? It's really an Ocicat, and from the looks of him, the color is actually "tawny," not golden.

That's okay. It's the pictures that get the attention, after all. A big, big "Thank You!" to the Maura Vizza and the rest good folks at The Reporter.

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