Thursday, March 6, 2008

In Memorium

Grand Champion Galidorn's Marilyn Monrex of Woodsprite

May 5, 1991 - March 5, 2008

After almost seventeen years, my favorite traveling companion and best bed buddy left me for the final journey she had to do on her own, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I've been through a lot of changes in 17 years. The Divine Miss Marilyn has been my only constant.

She wasn't the kitten I was supposed to get. Good friend Deborah Kane of Galidorn Devon Rex offered me a lovely calico kitten to use as a foundation for my own breeding program. (CH) Galidorn's Barbara Gordon of Woodsprite ("Babs") was cute, spunky and personable... BUT... when I laid eyes on her litter sister, The Divine Miss Marilyn, I was completely, truly, hopelessly smitten.

Yes, I took both girls home. Marilyn, however, was the only cat or kitten I ever promised would never leave my home.

Equal parts ditziness and intense concentration, one minute she'd look at you like she'd never seen you before, and the next she'd be on your chest, patting at your face trying to get your attention. No matter how many times you could set her down, she'd pop right back up and persistently push her way into your attention. Then, when she'd had enough, she'd wander off, but toss questions and comments over her shoulder as she ambled from room to room.

Like all true divas, the Divine Miss Marilyn had a full actress's range of volume, tone, and vibrato -- everything from whispered "meffs" to sweet-voiced queries to full-throated, Marlena Dietrich moans, to outboard motor purrs that could be heard across the room.

I kept my promise.

I miss her terribly already. I wish I could do this tribute better. Maybe later, when it doesn't hurt this much.

If any of you are in the memorial spirit, I would request that donations go the Morris Animal Foundation.

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